Here you’ll find a series of teaching materials that we have developed based around the concept of conlangs. While conlangs are fun and creative in nature, they can also be used to do serious pedagogical work too! This is because students use the same set of knowledge both in learning languages and in creating languages.

For secondary school

Click here to view teaching materials developed for secondary school students to create their own language. These consist of class materials and activities, to guide students in making design choices regarding the sounds, words, and sentences in their language.

Created by Dr. Coppe van Urk and Professor David Adger; originally appeared in emagazine Issue 82.

Licensed by Creative Commons (BY; NC).

For primary school

Click here to view our slides for Developing Language Learning in the Primary Years (13th March 2019), a one-day teacher training workshop at the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education. We worked with primary school teachers in making design choices and creating their own languages. This approach injects fun and creativity into phonics, morphology, syntax and punctuation, which are normally regarded as dry learning processes.

Created by Dr. Coppe van Urk, Professor David Adger, and Ruoan Wang for CLPE.